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271 nightly business report

Ethiopia and SomaliRegionalState Map 2: The situation is critical. Since mid, thousands of people have fled, seeking refuge in neighboring Somalia and Kenya from widespread Ethiopian military attacks on civilians and villages that amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

For those who remain in the war-affected area, continuing abuses by both rebels and Ethiopian troops pose a direct threat to their survival and create a pervasive culture of fear.

The Ethiopian military campaign of forced relocations and destruction of villages reduced in early compared to its peak in mid, but other abuses-including arbitrary detentions, torture, and mistreatment in detention-are continuing. These are combining with severe restrictions on movement and commercial trade, minimal access to independent relief assistance, a worsening drought, and rising food prices to create a highly vulnerable population at risk of humanitarian disaster.

Although the conflict has been simmering for years with intermittent allegations of abuses, it took on dramatic new momentum after the Ogaden National Liberation Front ONLF attacked a Chinese-run oil installation in Somali Region in Aprilkilling more than 70 Chinese and Ethiopian civilians.

Fiiq, Korahe, 271 nightly business report, Wardheer, and Dhagahbur. In these zones the Ethiopian National Defense Forces ENDF have deliberately and repeatedly attacked civilian populations in an effort to root out the insurgency.

Ethiopian troops have forcibly displaced entire rural communities, ordering villagers to leave their homes within a few days or witness their houses being burnt down and their possessions destroyed-and risk death. Over the past year, Human Rights Watch has documented the execution of more than individuals, many of them in demonstration killings, with Ethiopian soldiers singling out relatives of suspected ONLF members, or making apparently arbitrary judgments that individuals complaining to soldiers or resisting their orders are ONLF supporters.

These executions have sometimes involved strangulation, after which their bodies are left lying in the open as a warning, for villagers to bury.

The information confirmed by Human Rights Watch is only a glimpse of what is taking place-real figures are likely to be higher. Mass detentions without any judicial oversight are routine. Hundreds-and possibly thousands-of individuals have been arrested and held in military barracks, sometimes multiple times, where they have been tortured, raped, and assaulted.

Confiscation of livestock the main asset among the largely pastoralist populationrestrictions on access to water, food, and other essential commodities, and obstruction of commercial traffic and humanitarian assistance have been used as weapons in an economic war aimed at cutting off ONLF supplies and collectively punishing communities that are suspected of supporting the rebels.

These crimes are being committed with total impunity, on the thinnest of pretexts. They are generating a perception in the area that simply being an ethnic Somali-and particularly a member of the Ogaadeeni clan which constitutes the backbone of the ONLF-is enough to render a person suspect in the eyes of the national government.

Senior military and civilian officials who knew or should have known of such crimes but took no action may be criminally liable as a matter of command responsibility.

The widespread and apparently systematic nature of the attacks on villages throughout Somali Region is strong evidence that the killings, torture, rape, and forced displacement are also crimes against humanity for which the Ethiopian government bears ultimate responsibility.

The ONLF has also been responsible for serious violations of international humanitarian law the laws of war. These include the summary execution of dozens of Chinese and Ethiopian civilians in the context of its April attack on the oil installation, the ONLF practice of killing suspected government collaborators, and the indiscriminate mining of roads used by government convoys.

Those who ordered or carried out such acts are responsible for war crimes. The Ethiopian government has repeatedly dismissed or minimized concerns about the human rights and humanitarian situation in Somali Region.

It often claims, particularly to the international audience, that insecurity in the region is the work of Eritrean-backed "terrorists" seeking to destabilize Ethiopia. There is no question that the political dynamics in Somali Region intertwine with regional dynamics and are influenced by the continuing hostility between Eritrea and Ethiopia as well as events in neighboring Somalia.

The application of terrorist rhetoric to the internal conflict with the ONLF, however, appears designed mainly to attract support from the United States as part of the "war on terror.

The government faces complex challenges in Somali Region. The ONLF, which claims to be seeking self-determination for the region, represents only a segment of the divided Ethiopian Somali community.

There are legitimate fears that the escalating conflict across the border in Somalia could spill into Ethiopia.Shopper Recreation Report for November 14, Headlines: · Karen at Barrier Dam reports, “ We still have our coho coming in!” · Next Razor Dig awaits approval: Thur.- Sun., Nov.

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Nightly Business Report

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271 nightly business report

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