As english language coursework representation production piece

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As english language coursework representation production piece

Only good thing on this page is the unique masthead design. Of course, you have to use original photos which is something I realised I lacked far too late into the project, so I used bland photos I took on holiday.

Below is the essay I handed in. Tenses have been mixed up. Concept The magazine is based on tourism in Vancouver, Canada because I took some original photos taken there that would suit the magazine.

The pre-production and production will make use of codes and conventions commonly found in all magazines, e. One contents page A double paged feature article Natural landscape scenery of Vancouver is used as these aspects have been known to attract tourists and holidaymakers to a new region, which is the aim of the magazine in this case.

The magazine is both informative; providing essential information to tourists and residents as well as persuasive, through the use of attractive imagery taken around the city.

Ideas conceived from exemplar magazines are cited in this report. The use of a nature shot brings out scenery in Vancouver that tourists will be able to visit for themselves, as if the magazine serves as a preview of Vancouver for tourists, which is a selling point found in all travel magazines.

For example; in The Travel Magazine, an article describes the Dubai Eye, the largest Ferris wheel in the world in order to inform the audience of what to expect if they were to visit it. The image gives a positive representation of Vancouver in its natural attractiveness; most of the colours are a shade of green and blue, denoting a clean environment — which is favourable.

At first I thought this effect was not necessary but since there was plenty of space for more emphasis on the totems; I enlarged one with a bear on top and layered it on top of the URL.

The masthead is always important because it allows the audience to create a reference to the magazine and thus retain it in their memory. A title with a bright, eye-catching front has been used so that consumers can distinguish it from other magazines on a shelf. Unlike the colour black, white is usually associated with positive connotations such as purity.

These cover lines take a white font similar to Arial with a black stroke to make it easy to read against the background. Even though audiences read left to right, having the cover lines on the right cause the totems to stand out more, seizing greater attention.

An example of when cover lines are aligned to one side for focus on the background is seen in some issues of Newsweek. This signifies that the magazine contains content about the mountain and scaling it, the audience is also addressed directly.

A simplistic colour scheme is used so that the readers are able to gather the information without being deviated by too many technical codes, a common technique found in most magazines.

The page titles and references are in a columned layout so that the reader can gather as much information about each of the pages as possible. Each page reference utilises a colour code for the separation of different topics, making it easier for the reader to differentiate information.

Most page references come with a first line and sub-line. This structured layout makes the information easy to read.

The Writer's Process: How to Write a Reflective Commentary for A Level AQA

This therefore reflects the magazine; diverse content about Vancouver to satisfy the reader. Therefore; an overall image of grey city is weighted on more than greenery — an even dichotomy of the two would have been preferable, so this is a weakness.

Anchorage is used in the image of the beach. Inner Pages A double-page feature article is used for production. The layout is derived, but variant from the magazine Supply Management, a professional magazine with a clean presentation to present informative content.

I feel this suits my magazine because it includes informative and persuasive language, i.

Canada office:

Purple is used in the colour scheme heading, text to mirror the colour code given in the contents page. The main strength of these pages is the eco-friendly representation of Vancouver.

Many people are open to the idea of a clean, environmentally friendly city, so this helps build toward the aim of a positive representation of the city. Target Audience Travel and tourism magazines attract the attention of ABC1 social grade tourists as a primary audience.

Vancouver, where the magazine is based Age:Remember that you need to engage in meanings. Think about the way the linguistic strategies and language levels used create a representation.

As english language coursework representation production piece

Adopt an interwoven comparison throughout rather than writing about the style model and your own production piece in isolation. Mar 04,  · AS English Language Coursework - Representation (Production piece)?

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This is the production of a newspaper article; what would you grade this and how could i improve it to get it into a higher mark? The main aim is representing your social Resolved.

Jun 01,  · I have forgotton to add Nephew, niece etc for which also seperate words are available in almost all Indian languages. But in English it is not. I know English is a simple language. But if some appropriate words are available, I want know Resolved.

I've just finished the investigation part of AS Level Representation coursework, and now I'm a bit stumped as to what to do for the production piece.

For my investigation, I analysed texts on alien abductions and looked at how the aliens were represented. The commentary is just as important as the Original Writing piece in that it is also words and the same aqa of marks Coursework piece will test english ability language employ all of the assessment objectives equally.

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