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Some fringe and rimshot stations are shown depending upon signal strength and location The success of AM radio after the advent of television can be attributed to the late Gordon McLendon, who started station KLIF in KLIF became a trendsetter that was reportedly the most copied station in America. McLendon was one of the creators of Top 40 playlists, a staple of programming that continues today.

Business plan consultant in fort worth

The above letter was written in response to the Daily Press editorial at http: Ralph Northam, asking him to permanently protect West Wherry from development that does not enhance the National Monument—that is, development other than very limited hospitality sites within what should mostly be public open space.

Video Update on the Cleanup of 3 Fort Monroe sites at https: Videos of some of the speakers are at https: Discussions were focused on the North Beach area of the park. As an integral part of the planning process, the NPS asked for public input to help gain a better understanding of visitors and their needs, experiences and preferences, and to help identify existing or new opportunities to meet those needs while also achieving the mission to conserve and protect resources.

The overwhelming view expressed at both meetings on the 16th was for the North Beach area, including Dog Beach, to be restored and maintained in a more natural environment, with trees and native plants to be to be added to the landscape.

Several people spoke in strong opposition to a road connecting Fort Monroe to Buckroe because of the disruptive effect it would have on the peaceful character of this area.

A connection for bicyclists and pedestrians only would be okay as long as it was not built in such a way as to be expandable into a roadway. The Park Service already is involved there, having worked alongside the state-created Fort Monroe Authority sincewhen President Barack Obama signed a proclamation declaring acres at the fort a national monument.

Its use as an active military installation ended after the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission recommended shutting it. As colonists established a settlement at Jamestown, they also explored the Chesapeake Bay and fortified what they called Old Point Comfort.

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The first African slaves known to arrive in North America landed at the peninsula; the unraveling of institutional slavery in this country began there more than two centuries later, amid the Civil War, when a general at the Union stronghold declared three runaway slaves as contraband after they sought safe haven.

Too few outside this area know about that history, even if they are familiar with Jamestown, Yorktown or Colonial Williamsburg. Lee, the Confederate general who lived there three decades before the Civil War; and Jefferson Davis, the Confederate president imprisoned there after the war ended.

Terry McAuliffe said Tuesday at the deed-signing ceremony, as Hafner reported. As it stands, the national monument at Fort Monroe is bifurcated, with two distinct sections of property separated by a strip of land at risk for residential development.

An historic site loses its greatest lure — its sense of place — when its land is surrendered for incompatible development.

business plan consultant in fort worth

Development would occur between the southern and northern parts of the national monument. Development along the Wherry Quarter makes little practical sense, given that it already is prone to flooding. Incremental sea-level rise is likely to worsen that situation in the future.

The historical value of Fort Monroe is only starting to be realized, and the opportunities to promote the monument — and the region — are legion.

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Please read the editorials below. He needs to make it a priority early in his term. For starters, McAuliffe can lend his support to outgoing Gov.

From there, McAuliffe needs to address critical flaws in plans for preserving the historic fort — specifically, the fate of an area known as the Wherry Quarter. When President Barack Obama declared a large portion of the historic fort a national monument inthe arrangement left Wherry and its swath of green space in the protection of the state.

Since then, however, the state panel in charge of managing roughly acres of the acre property has approved a master plan that allows new residential construction in the Wherry Quarter. The plan runs contrary to overwhelming public sentiment in favor of leaving the core of the Wherry area as open space until the National Park Service can someday incorporate it into the national monument.

Some supporters of the master plan, including the National Trust for Historic Preservation, contend that the Wherry can be developed in a compatible manner that will help accelerate restoration elsewhere on the property. Ward knows better than anyone the critical role that the Wherry Quarter plays in the future of Fort Monroe.

She was mayor of Hampton when she helped lead the drive for Obama to declare the fort a national monument.

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The McAuliffe administration needs to step up discussions with the White House and the National Park Service about completing the job at Fort Monroe and incorporating Wherry into the monument. The fate of the property should be addressed now, before the inevitable day when someone introduces a development proposal for the Wherry Quarter.

Intense residential development in the Wherry Quarter would degrade the vision that residents of Hampton Roads and beyond have embraced for the fort. But achieving that goal will require proper care and planning.

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