Describe the scene at a funfair essays

General essays,Descriptive essays,Argumentative essays,Commentary essays,Poems. It is almost as same as the wet market. The difference is the market starts in the evening whereas the wet market starts in the morning.

Describe the scene at a funfair essays

Use the transcript to help you. Where the photograph was taken Describe the main focus. Say what you can see.

Describe the scene at a funfair essays

Say what you think might be happening. Describe the details, e. The main focus of the photograph is the man on the left hand side, who is working and the little boy on the right hand side, who is eating.


In the background, on the far side of the table, there is a lady talking on the telephone. The room is clean and bright, with white walls, a window and a bookcase with lots of books in it against the far wall. There is a tall, cream lamp on the right, next to the bookcase.

The father, who is wearing a white shirt and black glasses, looks like he is working from home today; he appears to be very busy as he is looking down at his notepad and has a pen in his hand.

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He is not smiling so maybe he just wants to get on with his work. I think the little boy looks about two years old and has light brown, wavy hair. He is sitting in a high chair and is wearing a white and blue stripy jumper, with a white and red bib around his neck.

It looks like he has finished the food on his plate and is pushing it away. He has turned away from the table so perhaps he is now bored and wants to go and play. The mother, wearing a blue blouse, is talking to someone on the phone.

She could also be working from home, and is having her lunch while she works as she has a plate in front of her. On the other hand, she could just be chatting to a friend.

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Although everyone looks busy in the picture, they seem very well organised. Maybe they are working hard now so they can enjoy some free time together very soon.In composition, description is a rhetorical strategy using sensory details to portray a person, place, or thing. Description is used in many different types of nonfiction, including essays, biographies, memoirs, nature writing, profiles, sports writing, and travel writing.

In our discussion, Chee explained how Villette helped him become more comfortable writing about 19th-century mores, and imbue performance scenes with dramatic force.

1) Describe the scene when you enjoyed a meal in the open air. Every year, my family and I visit a beautiful location, just to let off some steam and have a lovely dinner in the open nature.

Last summer, we decided that we would hire a yacht and cruise off to a small yet alluring island.

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Sample Descriptive Essay on Burning House The first thing that you notice about a burning house is not that it is burning, but that it is burning with such intensity.

James watched the house across the street as fire engulfed it from all sides. Describe the scene in a busy supermarket. Share My Lesson is a destination for educators who dedicate their time and professional expertise to provide the best education for students everywhere.

Just a quick descriptive writing piece I did for English. It's short, VERY short. But it was a quick GCSE essay.

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