Difficulties of moving

Here are some of the biggest challenges and suggest some techniques to make potential problem areas easier to overcome. We're assuming you have some familiarity with SAFe. If you don't, or you simply need a refresher, see my introductory TechBeacon articleposted last month.

Difficulties of moving

The Cloud has eased the process of storing, accessing and analysing data in a very cost effective way, gaining immense popularity in almost every business sector.

More and more companies are moving to the Cloud each year.

Difficulties of moving

However, cloud computing is still a new and confusing concept for many small to medium business owners. Two other critical concerns are security and cost management. In this article, we are going to discuss some key issues that are standing in the way of more widespread Cloud adaptation. They would have even more trouble finding the expertise to transfer their existing system to the Cloud.

A lack of general understanding of Cloud technology also gives rise to many misconceptions regarding its usefulness.

Privacy concerns Storing sensitive business data in the cloud has always been a major point of concern. In the case of public clouds, data can be located at different places across the globe. But all reputed cloud service providers are fully dedicated to ensure that your data is safe from falling into the wrong hands.

The data stored in the cloud is encrypted and data is exchanged between the servers under secured protocols. However, remember that an app that accesses data from the cloud can introduce weakness in the process. Data security and connectivity issues Loss of data can be detrimental to any business.

Also, any disruption in connectivity can cause major setbacks for companies that depend on the cloud for computational services. Cloud service providers take this very seriously. Generally, the data stored in the cloud is immune to small mishaps, but large system-wide outages are not uncommon. High bandwidth cost Though businesses can save money by relying on the cloud, the high cost of bandwidth often outweighs its benefit.

Data intensive applications demand very high-speed connectivity that significantly raises the cost of using the cloud service.

Difficulty in cost management The State of the Cloud Survey shows companies often face difficulties in managing cloud costs. Integration complexity One of the most complex things about migrating to the cloud is to plan how the migration will be implemented.

Each business is different and moving all the data and related applications over can be a very complicated process. Connecting cloud applications with the rest of the system of an enterprise must be made simple and cost effective.

However, as there is no default standard, the integration process varies depending on the type and size of business. Before integrating your system with the cloud, business needs to make sure that present applications can be scaled to the new environment. That may require the upgrading of legacy software that your business already uses.

One main concern is not having a clear roadmap to get the most out of their investment. A clear comparative benefit of cloud over traditional server based systems is often not evident.Fluid flows downhill – at least it does on Earth.

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