Effect of social media on the umbrella movement

Political background[ edit ] As a result of negotiations and the agreement between China and Britain, Hong Kong was returned to China and became its first Special Administrative Region on 1 Julyunder the principle of " one country, two systems ". Hong Kong has a different political system from mainland China.

Effect of social media on the umbrella movement

Unlike other political movements demanding democracy which have an official and recognized leader, like Aung San Suu Kyi who organized the whole political movement in Myanmarhowever, the umbrella movement is not leaded by a specific leader.

The participants were from all walks of life, which is the fragmented forces.

Effect of social media on the umbrella movement

The fact is there was no recognized leader. The mainstream media in Hong Kong, like TVB The biggest television company in HKradio broadcast and newspaper is actually increasing the public participation, realizing the media effects.

Media effects research studies the way in which media output, influencing audience members in terms of perceptions, attitudes and behavior.

The mainstream media on one hand can report the immediate news to audience, and give a first-hand information to the general public on the other hand. In certain extent, the mainstream media can form a basic understanding for the audience of the political issue itself.

For example, Hong Kong people or international society would know there was a political issue happening, and providing the public with an angle to know more, except for going there by themselves due to the mainstream media.

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However, media organisations are not completely objective. Some media organizations may have their own positions and purpose on different political issues.

TVB can be considered as the prime example here, as they needed to consider the advertisement and the investment from Chinese companies, for avoiding the conflicts, TVB will be wisely selecting or even filter some contents and images.

In this case, the audience might not be able to receive the most comprehensive information and details, but being constrained to a restricted vision. Thus, diversity of media is required — social media. The role of social media Social media sites construct a public sphere to unite the supporters.

In umbrella movement, social media is actually playing the role of networking people. Every participant was equal, no hierarchy and no clear instruction to indicate what the protesters needed to do, so they used social media platforms to communicate the following political actions.

Effect of social media on the umbrella movement

It further helps to encourage and connect more people, especially the young generation to participate. Besides, social media also provided people with different angles for the citizen to review the movement itself. It is a platform for everyone single one to share their opinion, first-hand experience, and even doing live show.

With all these digital functions, it is believed that people can have diversified angle to see and discover more.Images of peaceful protestors using umbrellas to shield themselves from the attack of the coercive force soon spread through social media, facilitating rapid, massive self-mobilization and resulting in an occupation spectacle named the Umbrella Movement.

Within a week, the umbrella has become an easily recognizable, nearly ubiquitous symbol of solidarity. While the current protests could certainly have happened without the Internet, social media. The message tweeted by Josie Tao Cai-yi immediately after she was tear-gassed and pepper sprayed by riot police in Admiralty on September 28 provided a stark insight into the experience.

The prices of houses have gone up so much, the cost of living has gone up so much, and all the society has become less and less cultured because of the “uncouth” mainlanders coming into Hong Kong.

Would the Umbrella Movement have occurred if social media platforms did not exist? Introduction In response to the NPCSC decision regarding the Chief Executive electoral reform of HKSAR on 31 August , two student-led groups the Scholarism and Hong Kong Federation of Students began boycotting class and protesting outside the .

movement and social media was placed under surveillance. When you typed ‘Umbrella Movement’ in Baidu, China’s most popular search engine, you would be reminded that.

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