Effects of military deployment on my family english literature essay

It should be noted that the posttraumatic stress theme included reports of symptoms in the soldiers from the qualitative interviews, not a diagnosis of PTSD. Examples of some of the reactions and symptoms reported by the participants are provided in this section. Nighttime disturbances were common to several of the soldiers in this study. Um… so yeah that was kind of weird.

Effects of military deployment on my family english literature essay

Military life can be a source of psychological stress for children. Multiple deployments, frequent moves and having a parent injured or die is a reality for many children in military families.

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Outpatient mental health visits provided to children of active duty parents doubled from one million to two million between and The research is mixed: Wives of deployed personnel experience more stress, a factor known to increase risk for medical complications of pregnancy.

Children whose at-home parents or caregivers had better self-reported mental health were better able to cope with the deployment experience during and after the deployment. Caregivers with poorer mental health reported more child-related difficulties during deployment.

One of the strongest predictors of a child functioning during a war deployment was parental stress. Both departures to, and returns from, combat deployment cause stress in families that can lead to increased rates of child maltreatment.

Prior to Octobermaltreatment rates were slightly higher among non-military families than among military families. Rates of maltreatment in military families far outpaced the rates among non-military families after the U.

Army personnel with substantiated reports of child maltreatment physical, emotional or sexual abuserates of maltreatment are greater when the soldiers are on combat-related deployments. In fact, the rate of child maltreatment in families of enlisted Army soldiers was 42 percent higher during combat deployment than during non-deployment.

The stress on family interaction is exacerbated by pervasive rates of trauma and other mental health conditions among military personnel.

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Most prevalent were PTSD, depression and substance use disorder. The findings of this research suggest effects on both parenting and child and parent behaviors. Parent-related behaviors included depression, impatience, liberal or lax disciplinary practices, and less engagement.

Problems with parent-child relationships posed significant challenges. These studies have not included military families and the added dimension of combat-related TBI.

Research shows that living on base is linked to reduced difficulties both during and after deployment. Seventeen percent reported no support. Many children report that through family support services they had friends to talk to, and children who felt supported showed increased resiliency.

A report by American Psychological Association APA estimated that approximately 40 percent of active duty licensed clinical psychologists positions are vacant. There is also a shortage of other specialties including social work and psychiatry.

The number of active duty mental health professionals dropped 20 percent in the Air Force from to ; a drop of 15 percent in the Navy for the years to ; and the Army saw an eight percent decline from to There is currently no data related to the attrition rate of community mental health providers who work with military populations.

A range of administrative hurdles further intensifies the gap in mental health services. There is currently no consistent, system-wide policy on whether the reserve component personnel and their families can receive services on active-duty installations. Some installations will provide services to all service members and their families; however, some offer services to only active duty members.

Following active duty, reservists coverage drops to 28 percent and 38 percent for their families respectively. Forty-one percent of service-members and 31 percent of their family members cite easier access to providers via their civilian health coverage as the main reason why they chose to drop TRICARE coverage.

However, some areas remain in need of consideration and action. However, children do not always experience PTSD as a result of a parental deployment. Other evidence-based methods including Parent-Child Interactive Therapy and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy should be integrated for use with children of military families who experience trauma, distress, or other psychosocial symptoms; 72 expand programs at DOD schools, and community-based schools.

Train key personnel such as teachers, nurses, school social workers, administrators and other school personnel to be aware of and identify children of military personnel who at risk of, or having, difficulties.Aug 29,  · This chartbook summarizes findings from an evaluation of two programs offered by the DoD that provide solution-focused counseling for common personal and family issues to members of the active and reserve components of .

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Effects of military deployment on my family english literature essay

Most children with an active duty military father experience the same numerous effects during their Betty Pfefferbaum, J. Brian Houston, Michelle D. Sherman, and Ashley G.

Melson, conduct a study on the deployment effects in. Effects Of Military Deployment On My Family English Literature Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: I recommend that military families undergoing deployment apply the four strategies for improving communication so that the family can remain strong during the separation.

Effects of Deployment on Military Families: a Literature Review Effects of Deployment on Military Families: A Literature Review Rhonda Steffek Columbia College of Missouri Abstract This review examines the many issues and effects that military deployments have on families.

Effects of military deployment on my family english literature essay
NCCP | Trauma Faced by Children of Military Families