Global volunteer experience in india

Read More Amanda Higgins Deciding to go to sri lanka was really one of my best decision.

Global volunteer experience in india

Luckily for you, it has something for everybody — for the adventurers, the naturalists, the spiritual ones, the festival-goers, the foodies, the photographers, and the history buffs! Why volunteer in India?

Here are 7 reasons: Architecture and religion, culture, and history! From rock-cave cut-outs, and marble and pink sandstone temples to towering forts and ancient ruins, the mix of architectural styles span across time and space.

Adventure Need an adrenaline rush wherever you go? India will surely not disappoint, especially with the Himalayan Mountains at your feet. From white-water rafting, hiking, skiing including heli-skiing!

What an exciting way to cap off and celebrate the successful completion of your volunteer program in India!

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You may even get invited to a traditional wedding ceremony, an experience that was definitely a highlight of mine! Its rich and flavorful food represents a blend of cultures and histories, making the food just as diverse as the people itself.

While the food is highly regional-specific, there are common threads that tie it all together: What varies most often is the amount of spices and mix of ingredients, with a higher use of dairy used in the North, more fish and vegetarian dishes in the West, desserts in the East, and curries in the South.

Be sure to try as much of the food as you can! But its more natural and sometimes remote places are worth exploring too, from the backwaters of Kerala where you can stay on a houseboat, the beaches of Goa, national parks like Ranthambore, Chitwan, Kaziranga, and Valley of the Flowers, to the Himalayan Mountains hiking, wildlife, and beautiful photo-opsand the coral reefs at Lakshadweep.

Incredible hospitality The people in India are incredibly warm and friendly, especially in some of the more rural areas. What are you waiting for? Volunteer in India with GVI today and experience this amazing location first hand!Global Volunteers, a non-profit organization, has been giving short-term volunteers the chance to provide essential services to local people on service programs since - and trusted by 34,+ volunteers%().

Volunteer Requirements. We need volunteers from all professional fields to serve the diverse backgrounds of our job seekers. Whether you are an industry veteran or mid-career professional, you have valuable experience to draw on and share with our job seekers.

Global Volunteer Projects arranges gap year projects, teaching projects, journalism work experience, medicine work experience, conservation projects, working in orphanages and HIV awareness projects in India, Ghana, Mali, Tanzania, Cambodia, Poland for the ultimate gap year.

Global volunteer experience in india

Home / Global Volunteer Global Volunteer Live a cross-cultural volunteer experience, develop yourself while making an imapact abroad on social impact projects that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. Volunteer with Children in India with GVI and get involved in education and childhood development projects whilst exploring the vibrant culture of Kerala.

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Activate your leadership by going on an AIESEC experience. Find opportunities to live a shared responsibility for the world and shape it .

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