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Iphone essay writing

Apple designs, manufactures and markets personal computers, portable media players, mobile phones, computer software, computer hardware and peripherals. The Apple Store, which is a retail store owned and operated by Apple Inc.

The company's products are also sold worldwide through its online stores, its direct sales force, and third-party wholesalers, resellers, and value-added resellers.

Music, audio books, iPod games, music videos, episodes of television programs, and movies can be downloaded off the iTunes Store on Mac or Windows computers, and on the iPod Touch and iPhone.

Apple's most popular products include their line of Macintosh personal computers, iPod portable media players, and the iPhone.

Apple manages and organizes its business based Iphone essay writing a geographical structure, which is one of the divisional structures.

In regards to Apple, their geographical structure Iphone essay writing together jobs and activities being performed in the same geographical region.

The company has created operating segments based on the location and nature of customers. Asia Pacific includes Australia and Asia, excluding Japan. The Americas segment encompasses North and South America.

Iphone essay writing

European countries, the Middle East, and Africa are part of the Europe segment. Regarding the company's retail segment, these are the retail stores operating in the U. Similar hardware and software products and services are provided to the same types of customers by each reportable operating segment.

The organization has all types of managers including line managers whose work directly contributes to the production of apples goods and services. They also have staff managers who use their special technical expertise to support line workers marketing, accounting, human resources, and legal services.

As shown in the diagram below of how Apple's top managers are organized, the company has both functional managers, who are responsible for one area of activity, and general managers, who are responsible for complex areas. It allows their expertise to be focused on specific customers, products, and regions, which all have unique cultures and different requirements.

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He has gone against the traditional management style, being strict with employees causing some fear but also praising them. Jobs is a perfectionist who pays close attention to detail, which can drive some of his subordinates crazy from his constant demands.

He creates many prototypes and mock-ups which are constantly being edited and revised by being passed back and forth between designers, engineers, programmers, and managers, and then back again. His obsession with excellence has created an amazing development process which turns out great products.

Based on Steve Jobs's management style I believe he is not following a traditional approach to management. I believe he has some of the qualities of a theory 'X' and theory 'Y' manager. Jobs has theory 'X' characteristics because he prefers to lead others and expects staff to listen to his commands.

His drive to change the world leads him to scream and shout at employees. In contrast, he also has some of the qualities of a theory 'Y' manager because he wants his staff to be imaginative and creative and to also be involved by participating in the design process.

Jobs believes debating between his employees fosters creativity, therefore he gives creative partners a lot of rope. Jobs is always required to understand the situation and respond to it in the appropriate way.

Apple is also a learning organization, which is a continuing management theme. The organization continuously changes and improves, using lessons learned from prior experiences. Information sharing, teamwork, participation, and learning are all valued within the company. The organization is one of the most competitive because it is constantly being one of the first to look to new trends to improve, while others companies are still trying to compete and keep up with Apple's trends.

Trends of today in the technology industry include: These trends have been with Jobs and Apple since the beginning, which has allowed it to succeed in what it has become today.

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Apple remains the last and only vertical integration company, meaning they make their own hardware and software, which is their greatest strategic advantage. Through research of Steve Jobs's management style within Apple Inc, it appears the organization is adaptive. An adaptive organization has more decentralized authority, fewer rules and procedures, less precise division of labour, wider spans of control, and more personal means of coordination.

He does not like teams of more than members because he believes they can become unfocused and unmanageable if they become too large. Members of the organization are encouraged to challenge Jobs's ideas to foster creative thinking.essay - Traduzione del vocabolo e dei suoi composti, e discussioni del forum.

Iphone essay writing

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