Motivation essays for college students

The only way for the teacher to motivate students is to be motivated on his own.

Motivation essays for college students

I teach transfer as well as developmental level English courses. Half way through one recent semester of my Developmental English class pre-Comp II noticed the original energy of the students was slipping, absences were increasing, and more homework was coming in late.

I suggest using it between the sixth week and mid-semester. Explain that midterm is the time of the semester when many students lose sight of their academic goals, lose motivation, and stop taking actions necessary for college success.

Offer specific examples from behaviors of past students. Suggest to students that now would be a good time for them to take a look at a key goal they have for college this semester, reminding themselves of their personal motivation for succeeding.

If possible, allow class time for large- or small-roup discussion, especially about ways to change negative tendencies. What has worked for them? Although organization is often a weak point for students, they will probably see that the question order fits the progression of an essay—introductory information presenting the thesis focusbody paragraphs with main points, and, of course, concluding remarks which can be added.

As we discuss possible organizational structures, I encourage my students to make notes in the margin of their handout for reference; simultaneously I write the same information on the chalkboard so students will have accurate notes.

Allow class time for writing the essay or assign the writing as homework. Some students may feel this essay is very personal, but for those who are willing, encourage a peer exchange of rough drafts for feedback. A great learning opportunity! Have students hand in two copies of their essays.

Have students complete Handout B: Have students share their answers with a partner; then lead a class discussion about their responses.

In particular, look for similarities and differences among the answers. Have students explain the reasons for their answers.

motivation essays for college students

After grading the essays, return one copy of each essay and keep the other copy for a subsequent class meeting. Toward the end of the semester, return the second copy of their essays and have students re-read them as a reminder of their goals.

Then have students complete Handout C: End of Semester Feedback. Lead a discussion about their responses: What obstacles were overcome? Did personal rewards work as a motivator? Did another person serve as motivation?

motivation essays for college students

If the goal still remains a goal, what new strategies might work? Have blank extras of Handout A: I was very impressed with the open, honest discovery process the students explored. They seemed to know what their strengths were and more importantly were very aware of what they were doing that could get in the way of their success.

Another faced the temptation of hanging out with her friends: A reward to accomplish something you may not want to do always works for me.

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I think my students behaved more warmly toward each other and me as a result of doing the activity and probably reacting to my own more positive feelings about them.

For example, the students seemed to engage in more friendly conversation with each other before class and during appropriate breaks in class activities.Learn how to write a successful college application essay using the three-step process for writing your personal college admissions essay.

  Gaining entrance to just about any college or university continues to get harder as more and more applicants are applying for a limited number of spaces. Like every other essay, an essay on education also requires thorough research and referencing.

Such essays may include papers on school and professional education, data on educational institutions and also the influence of culture and history on education.

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as a means of communicating to students, parents, graduate schools, professional schools, and future employers about a student’s performance in college and potential for further success; as a source of motivation to students for continued learning and improvement;.

As your oldest child begins to fill out her college application, it is hard not to feel a rising panic. For the last four years she has thrown herself .

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