New venture business plan outline

Here's some advice on how to include things like a sales forecast, expense budget, and cash-flow statement.

New venture business plan outline

We at FRACS understand perfectly that the long-term profitability of a service firm of this type lies in the repeat customer that finds our services unique and enjoy our excellent experience, even if they must have suffered an inconvenient breakdown.

We all FRACS believe that we will seek to examine every aspects of the service experience to look for ways to improve our customer satisfaction. Also, we believe that all our employees will be rigorously trained and retrained to think about customer satisfaction in order to create a self-sustaining company culture that revolves around this issue at FRACS.

We believe that once a reputation for quality and service experience has been created, and a strong network of referrals is attracting new business, we at FRACS plan to re-evaluate all our strategy and positioning within the market to see if a differentiation strategy is viable.

We believe that this will allow us at FRACS to increase prices and raise profit margins in relation to our competitors on the industry.

new venture business plan outline

We believe that this process is will help us achieve long-term growth until we at FRACS can reach a regional scope of operations. We at FRACS have a simple, direct and modest program of marketing our breath taking services to our target market that includes the following: Referrals through other local businesses.

We believe that each of these marketing aspects has the benefit of being low cost and creating service awareness that will catapult us into limelight. Our long-term marketing goals at FRACS is to use local radio and TV ads in making sure that people know what we do and where we offer them.

We at FRACS also hope to consider the possibility of having a grand opening program that would feature discounts, food, a local radio disc jockey, and other promotional ideas, and we hope we will actualize it because it is a diehard marketing strategy.

Car Service Center Business Plan — Publicity and Advertising strategies We understand how competitive the industry is and the level of importance attached to publicity, which is why we expect that a significant number of our founding partners and employees pre-existing clients both personal and where they worked will desire to switch to FRACS retain the services of their personal mechanics who they believe understand how they automobiles function.

We believe that this will provide a sufficient income until we at FRACS can build up a brand affinity or reputation and see our marketing program take effect in the entire industry.

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We at FRACS believe that our publicity and advertising strategy will take the form of flyers, direct mailers, price discounts, and advertisements in newspapers and yellow pages.

We at FRACS do not intend to spend a large amount on marketing until the firm is ready to expand either into new facilities or open up new ones.

Ensure that all our staff members wear our branded shirts and all our vehicles are well branded with our company logo et al. Sources of Income Just we stated above, the primary service to be offered by FRACS is the general service of automobiles for the general public.

new venture business plan outline

We believe that we will have the ability to service most domestic and foreign automobiles. We also plan to maintain an extensive shop and outlets which can fix any automotive issue.

Below is the outline of the services we will offer and make income from them: Car wash Mechanical job like engine, gear, accelerator, shock-absorber etc.

Electrical job like horn, light etc. Car air conditioner service Sell of car parts and accessories Several oil change service like engine oil, gear oil, steering oil etc. Car body repair service like painting and denting Battery service Car body polish service Sales Forecast We at FRACS understand perfectly that the car service centre industry is, operationally, a job-shop environment; it is somewhat difficult to estimate sales.

For job-shops, each individual product or service is tailored or unique to that job, and is only initiated once an order is made. However, our sales projections reflects the professional opinion of our sales and marketing team who believe that in how much we make at FRACS will depend solely on the following assumptions: The number of clients out founding workforce can attract from their previous companies.

The outcome of planned promotions and word-of-mouth marketing. Current prices and costs of doing business. The types of automobiles and jobs that will occur in every month. Yet we believe in the strength of our workforce, which even our SWOT Analysis noted and we believe that we are built on the foundation of success.

Our sales and marketing team noted that definite sales projections cannot be analysed, given the prospect of the industry we are into, but are very prepared to shoot FRACS to the top. This simply means that a business that has no ability to affect the market price of its services, regardless of how many automobiles it services is destined for a crash.

Therefore, putting it, that marginal revenue the revenue incurred by producing or servicing one more unit is equal to the price charged. Furthermore, because the demand curve is essentially horizontal, we at FRACS can service automobiles at total capacity without affecting the price in the market.

All these simply mean that we at FRACS must strive or look to charge our clients at the market price or lower. Payment Options Having done our research and studies, we understand that payment options are the forces that bring a car service centre closer to the heart of the people, and we hope to make use of that extensively.

We will be bringing payment options that are unique and will make the payment for the service we offer very easy for our customers. Payment by via bank transfer Payment via POS machine Payment via online bank transfer Payment via mobile money Payment with cash To provide all these outstanding services, we have partnered with a renowned bank in the country and we hope to make use of that relationship.

Business Plan Outline

Our bank account numbers will be made available on our website and promotional materials so that it will be easier for clients to make payments when necessary. Car Service Center Business Plan — Financial Projection and Costing We at FRACS understand that no matter how breath taking your ideas and goals might be or how attractive your business plan might be, without proper and enough financing your ideas are just like water poured on a rock.Businessan free gallery outline template of examples photo venture capital professional business plan format ppt services sample | findingnollywood.

A business plan should be a realistic view of the expectations and long-term objectives for an established business or new venture. It provides the framework within which it must operate and, ultimately, succeed or fail. Assignment 2A: New Venture – Business Plan Summary Due Week 7, Day 7 (Weight: 25%) Instructions Now it is your turn to take on the role of a start-up entrepreneur.

Choose a business idea from the research source below. The source provides over small business ideas. Choose one idea and use the Outline below [ ].

New Venture Competition

In this business partnership proposal template, Company B is a startup business that has certain ideas and intellectual property while Company A has the means to bring those ideas to life with capital and human resources.

The general outline: Although new venture business plans really serve a different purpose than white paper business plans, you use the same sort of general outline for both. A few caveats: Although you definitely want to make sure that your new venture business plan answers the five questions.

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