Ocr a level english language and literature past papers

Chapter 2 - Search for Mr.

Ocr a level english language and literature past papers

Text level - this is how the text is constructed as a whole: Within this, we look at how a character or a theme progresses and develops in the narrative.


Sentence level - this is how the text is constructed at a sentence level. Within this, we look at sentence types, lengths and the ordering of events.

Text level Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is split into ten chapters and Stevenson has given each chapter a title.

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From looking at the chapter titles, you can see how tension peaks during chapters and then lessens from chapter 9 onwards as the narrative is resolved.

Question Why does Stevenson create tension in chaptersthe middle of his narrative?

Ocr a level english language and literature past papers

Reveal answer down To keep the reader sustained and excited when reading. To make the reader question what is going to happen in the ending, where Stevenson resolves his story. Sentence level At sentence level you should consider how an author has created a sentence and to what purpose.

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Below is an example section from the text. It is question of weeks. Well, life has been pleasant; I liked it; yes, sir, I used to like it. The use of the "and" links the two thoughts together.

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The use of "well" highlights a conversational tone - also that Dr Lanyon is looking at the past. This highlights his recent change in heart and how he dislikes life now due to what he has seen.Free Exam Papers Fror Every Qualification and Subject. English Language and Literature - H H June 16 (Old Spec) AS Speaking Voices.

Q. June OCR GCSE English Literature Past Papers () (J) J/01 Exploring Modern and Literary heritage texts – Download Paper – Download Mark Scheme J/02 Exploring Poetry and Shakespeare – Download Paper – Download Mark Scheme.

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Ocr a level english language and literature past papers

09 04 Free GCSE past papers mark schemes for. Using Past Papers to Revise Passing exams is as much about technique as it is about knowledge.

Top tips for A Level English Literature exam preparation 01/06/ In her latest blog, Keeley Nolan, English Subject Advisor, shares practical insights and ideas for the A Level English Literature assessment to help put your students on the path to exam success. 'a large, well-made, smooth-faced man' 'slyish cast' - (Secretive?) 'every mark of capacity and kindness' - He is very understanding of others emotions. Our in-depth online package of resources and support is designed to help with planning lessons and developing students’ key English skills. The anthology has been devised for use with OCR’s poetry set text Towards a World Unknown, part of GCSE English Literature () J (from September onwards).

You need to practise your timing as well as your recall of knowledge. OCR AS Level in English Literature - Specification The OCR AS Level in English Literature qualification will build on the knowledge, understanding and skills established at .

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