Religion should be separate from politics

Should politics and religion be kept separate? The first term is used here to mean the science of governing a nation, and the second is defined as the belief in a supernatural power that informs an institutionalised code of behaviour.

Religion should be separate from politics

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. The New York Times reported on the conversation: I agree with him on these two points. I can hear, however, the many people who have walked up to me and told me to keep my preacherly nose out of politics.

Nevertheless, it should be clear from human history that religion and politics cannot be separated. Both of them arise from the fact that we Homo sapiens are communal beings: Every aspect of what makes us human develops completely from living in a community, beginning with the family.

Anthropologists are clear that having a sense of the sacred whatever one makes of it is one of the fundamental aspects of what differentiates Sapiens from other hominids. Politics is how we order our common life. There are a lot of national elections happening this year around the world.

Religion should be separate from politics

Name one where religion is not a significant factor, even if it is not blaringly obvious, as it is in the United States. France, for instance, will elect a new president next month, and it is clear that Nicolas Sarkozy has been enlisting the help of religious leaders, including Muslims as well as Catholics and Protestants, in his re-election campaign.

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Atheists are religious too. As a religious leader, I have often been told, as I said, to "stay out of politics. Proclaiming his Gospel therefore has inevitable political consequences.

When Christians began reciting Kyrie eleison "Lord, have mercy" in the liturgy, it was a powerful political statement.


To repeat that in worship clearly states that God, not the emperor or other political ruler, is in charge. Along the same lines, examine the places where religion and politics intersect in other faiths. Here, for example, is the right place to question the beliefs of the Mormons if one of them might become the President of the United States.

The attempts by some Roman Catholic prelates to use excommunication against politicians who support abortion rights raise similar questions, however.

Where does faith end and political loyalty begin? Can we reasonably expect people not to bring their deepest convictions, which are always religious in nature, to the public square, as Cardinal Dolan said?

The separation of church and state is certainly a major advance in human history and political theory.Religion and politics cross over into each other every day as they should.

We need to stop making such a big deal out of it and accept it. There is absolutely no way to % separate them – it just is not possible. More Essay Examples on Religion Rubric.

Western European ideology in terms of ruling power and influence of religion claims to be a completely separate proponent in politics than American ideology.

Dec 14,  · Separate because this country is not all one religion. It may mostly be christians, but there are plenty of other people We would lose a huge amount of our population if religion and politics of people moving to Resolved.

Aug 18,  · Most definitely. I don't think it's really possible to fully separate religion from politics so long as religion exists and helps to shape peoples' idea of what ought to be what.

I do, however, believe that religion and politics should be separate. No overtly religious themes should be in the Resolved.

Religion should be separate from politics

He believed that religion should be separate from politics. He supported a strong government based on reason. He also tried to separate knowledge from major belief was that all people are fearful and predatory (greedy).

Aug 09,  · Most say religion should be kept separate from government policies In most of the countries surveyed, majorities or pluralities say “religion should be kept separate from government policies,” rather than taking the opposing view that “government policies should support the spread of religious values and beliefs.”.

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