Review of related literature on android

Within the educational field, schools have been challenged to shift from the traditional paradigm of teacher-directed learning and dissemination of knowledge to learner-centered curricula that can promote the development of life-long learners who can think critically, solve problems and work collaboratively.

Review of related literature on android

Review of related literature on android

Review of Related Literature Review of Related Literature A review of related literature is the process of collecting, selecting, and reading books, journals, reports, abstracts, and other reference materials. The following information may be collected: Background information about the problem and related concepts.

Theories that explain the existence of the problem and the possible connection between certain factors and the problem 3. Data that confirms the existence and seriousness of the problem 4.

General and specific findings of studies related to the problem 5. Recommendations for further study given in related studies Why Review Literature? A review of related literature is a must in research.

The following are some of the obvious reasons; 1. It helps the researcher identify and define a research problem 2.


It helps justify the need for studying a problem. It prevents unnecessary duplication of a study 4. It can be a source of a theoretical basis for the study 5. It enables the researcher to learn how to conceptualize a research problem and properly identify and operationally define study variables 6.

It helps formulate and refine research instruments 7. It provides lesson for data analysis and interpretation. When to Start Reviewing Related Literature? While the research problem is still being conceptualized, the researcher must already start reviewing literature.

In identifying and defining the research problem, the researcher must be able to show evidences that the problem really exists and is worth investigating. It is important that the researcher knows what is already known about the problem or what earlier researchers have found about it and what questions still need to be answered before the research questions or objectives are finalized.

Theories which the researchers use to explain the existence of a research problem and used as bases in analyzing relationships between variables can be generated from reference books on theories or from related studies.

The researcher therefore, must have already read adequate literature at the start of the research activity. What Materials to Review? Examples are indexes, reviews and abstracts Primary Sources Examples are researches found on published journals.

Secondary Sources Publications where authors cite the works of others. Examples are books, encyclopedias. Secondary sources are good references for overview of the problem.

Steps In Literature Review Review the precise definition of the research problem. Note the key variables specified in the study objectives and hypothesis. List in a note of index card the bibliographical data of the pertinent information selected as follows:Free Essays on Review Of Related Literature Of Cellphone Addiction for students.

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Use our papers to help you with yours 1 - Njunjic, Ivan, "Development techniques for android platform mobile device application" ().Master's Theses and Doctoral These features cover a representative set of EMU-related data sources and connection Literature Review Android is a relatively new .

Android foreign related literature. Topics: Integrated development environment, Smartphone, User interface REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES This chapter presents the review of related literature and studies.

It contains a review of books and studies on the subject matter conducted here and abroad and their relation to the present. Literature Review: Starting Mobile Application Development for E-Sports Portal Hayoung Noh different platforms and design principles.

This literature review aims to cover these areas in general and provide a starting point in performance issues are not related to the . Jun 28,  · Writing the Literature Review (Part One): Step-by-Step Tutorial for Graduate Students How (Why) write Critical Literature Review (L5) - The art of critical writing - Duration: Thesis statement literature review, - Thesis to be defended.

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