Whose american dream

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Whose american dream

At some point during their tea party centered ravings, the Mad Hatter poses the question to Alice: It's a nonsense question that Lewis Carroll penned in his book. There was to be no answer but writers, scholars and everyday people have created a variety of possible answers to this question meant to have no refrain to echo back.

Detroit Free Press columnist as well as radio personality, author and journalist at large Mitch Albom tried to answer a similar question in a recent column that began by discussing the recent media dust up between Andrew Breitbart of ACORN expose fame and Shirley Sherrod formerly of the U.

Department of Agriculture and video footage that Breitbart released where Sherrod admitted having racist attitudes towards white farmers seeking aid from the department in the 80s.

Breitbart did not release a portion of tape that followed where Sherrod says that she went on to help white farmers seeking aid and was glad she did. What Albom was most incensed about was not what concerned me greatest which was the idea of racism and racist attitudes within a department of the government.

Whose american dream

The government, its departments and various agencies are supposed to be colorblind and treat all of its citizens fairly and equally. The fact that these personal attitudes arose in Ms. Sherrod, even if they weren't acted upon, needed to be addressed and corrected. Personal beliefs and attitudes have no place within the federal government as the separation of church and state is constantly pointing out ad nauseum.

Albom, along with most other mainstream journalists, despise Breitbart for being an outsider who took a page from their own handbook.

Albom and his ilk are toiling away at a dying media. The public has become disgusted with the fabrication of truth and facts that has become so rampant in mainstream media and have sought to stay informed through other alternative, less costly methods.

Enter Internet media and Internet journalists among them bloggers like Breitbart. As far as the mainstream public is concerned, mainstream media is a self-serving lot and the beauty of living in a society with freedoms, if you don't like the government mouthpiece press hello NBC!

Of course they have bigger problems like surviving national poverty to deal with. Albom argues in his column that bloggers aren't real journalists why do I feel a pitch for unionization coming on?

And the fact that he used guerrilla journalism, something mainstream journalists believe they had patented, against their agendas only enrages them more.

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And they are going to crush him however long it takes and whatever it takes. That's the oath of the mainstream journalist after all. The following are my musings as I emailed to Albom. Mitch, With all due respect, your indignation and outrage at Breitbart in your Sherrod column had to be a tad inflated right?

Because if not, I'm really shocked that a seasoned journalist like yourself can still look at mainstream media forgetting the Internet media and blogging for a moment like it hasn't already permanently sullied itself.

Journalism was fact manipulation media long before bloggers like Breitbart were even conceived. Print journalism is nothing but collecting subjective quotes to weave a story and the nightly news is the arrangement of carefully orchestrated sound bites.Work hard, and you can be anything you want to be.

Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and take advantage of the Land of Opportunity.

Whose american dream

Slogans like these have become the tired parlance of political campaigns on both sides of the aisle, every candidate arguing that the American dream is suffering, but they can revitalize and reinvigorate it.

Sep 02,  · Most Americans, like King, might describe the American Dream as one of fairness, an America where hard work, thriftiness, integrity, compassion, and . In the end, Mr Krikorian says, the choice comes down to whose American Dream do you support: the dreams of Americans or of foreign born immigrants?

"I choose Americans," he says. Whose American Dream?

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by Sylvia Bokor | POLITICS Maybe some of you have read an August 19, e-mail from Levana Layendecker, Communications Director of Democracy for America, with the subject “Join the movement.”.

In the texts “Arnold Schwarzenegger Recalls Lessons From 25 Years as a U.S Citizen – Learn English, Participate in Politics, and Give Back” by Arnold Schwarzenegger (2), “Whose American Dream Is It, Anyway?” by Anja Kamenetz (3) and “Is the American Dream Still Possible?” by Davis Wallenchinsky (4), the writers deliberate their views of the American Dream.

California YIMBY is a grassroots movement that works to make our state affordable and accessible for everyone. We support state and local legislation to reverse policies that make our housing cost more and our communities less inclusive.

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