Write a letter about me

I come from an upper middle class family. I am modern thinker but also believe in good values given by our ancestors. I have always been an achiever; be it academics or professional life or sports or any other field in my life.

Write a letter about me

Musings 69 Replies Dear Chimamanda, I planned to write you this letter privately through A mutual friend but he likes to shy away from controversy. So I thought to write it here on social media, hoping it gets to you and you read it objectively and maybe we can discuss it sometime write a letter about me the future.

In your TedX speech about Feminismthe part Beyonce adapted in her Flawless songyou described a feminist as a person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes. I have read almost every book you have written and to be honest, you are my favorite African writer.

You have strong opinions, strong female characters and wield a special storytelling power rooted in simplicity and skill. One of the books I truly enjoyed was Dear Ijeawele.

You understood that women were undermined by society and men were held to standards by society as well. My first issue with feminism is the name. What you would end up doing is creating reverse oppression because the women will grow so strong and oppress the men, and the cycle will continue.

In finding my path, I first blamed women, because in my short time of existence, women raised me and most of the people around me. They chose that I cook and clean while my cousins played.

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Women told me all these but never did I hear them tell the male kids around me the same thing. Why are you crying? Pain is pain, our thresholds are different.

We are all victims of the society. Even from Gender roles, the foundation of our future is laid. We live a certain way to live up to the expectations of the society. It influences how our parents bring us up and form the basis for many things we do.

Men are going through their bit. They are going through a lot, keeping up with the weight of pseudo strength society burdens them with. Many women practice feminism by convenience. Many men see that when it comes to the subject they have to be politically correct.

Some people take feminism to extremes — like the abort the male child campaign according to them he is a rapist or chauvinist waiting to happenthe no pad movement, just to mention a few. Men are now the enemies instead of society.

I think we can negotiate for what we want. I have earned higher positions and salary based on my negotiating power. Anyone who undermines me because I am a woman does not deserve me as a staff nor contractor, that is a mental and culture fit problem. I know this because people like Condoleezza Rice and Oprah Winfrey exist.

A description that sits better with me is — Egalitarian. Which is what your definition of feminism stood for.

The challenge of feminism is similar to most of the isms that exist — racism, classism, many other delicate isms.

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Letter to Me - Writing Exercise - A New Chapter. A Fresh Start.

write a letter about me

This page is the official writing contest summary and results for our "Letter to Me" essay contest.

Letter to Me - Writing Prompt and Personal Essay