Write a number sentence using 10 frames

See this video in the context of an entire lesson. They also can step back for an overview and shift perspective. After her 3rd-grade students work individually on various problems, Buljan invites her students to identify a card on the board that represents the problem they worked.

Write a number sentence using 10 frames

Teacher holds up a tens frame and asks Tell me the number pattern? How many gaps are there? Teacher then states the appropriate number sentence e. Repeat several times with all cards to build facts to ten. Teacher holds up a tens frame and asks Who can tell me the number sentence for this card?

Repeat several times, ensuring that all cards have been covered up to this point. Focus on Subtraction Teacher explains to students that today We are using the cards to work on take-away equations starting with ten.

Teacher holds up a tens frame and asks How many dots could I fit on this frame? How many have gone? How many are left?

Using the completed ten frame, they write a number sentence to show one of the facts of ten. For example, on the mat that has three hearts filled in already, students would place seven candy hearts on the empty squares, and then write 3 + 7 = Students will show the number on ten frames, practice writing the number, and draw objects to represent numbers" "Thanksgiving Teen activity, if kinder doesnt use this." "I've been busy working away on my Thanksgiving unit for the past couple of weeks. The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue.

Who can give me a number sentence for this card? If necessary the teacher gives the appropriate number sentence e. Teacher gives the number sentence and asks the students to find the appropriate card. I had ten dots and I took away 6, how many do I have left?

Can you find the card for that? Teacher demonstrates that the facts can be placed in a pattern i.

write a number sentence using 10 frames

After the teacher has given some of the pattern students can work independently to find the rest. Teacher gives students the number sentence and they find the matching dot pattern.

Independent Activities Students make their own dot patterns using blank tens frames and counters. Two sided counters ideal for this activity. Students work on sheets of empty tens frames to fill in dots and record the corresponding number sentence.

Given one card students record either two complimentary number sentences or the entire family of facts. Students match tens frames to appropriate number sentence on cards. There are many ways to record the work being done and what is appropriate depends on the students in the group.Adding with Number Bonds: The “Make Ten” Way If I wanted to add the dots in my blue ten-frame to the dots in my green ten-frame, what would my number sentence be?

S: 9 + 2 (teacher writes the problem 9 + 2 = on the board.) Circle ten. Write an easier number sentence with 10 and solve. 1. Click here 👆 to get an answer to your question ️ Use the ten frames.

Write a number sentence. There are 17 goats in the barn. 8 goats go outside.

write a number sentence using 10 frames

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Sentence frames provide appropriate sentence structure models, increase the likelihood of responses using content vocabulary, help students to conceptualize words and build confidence in English Language Learners.

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